Oil Pumps

The gerotor pump with a real difference!

In this innovative multi-feed redesign of the popular gerotor style pumping mechanism, Pauter Machine has improved upon the old-style feeder plates with their restrictive right-angle only entry/exit ports. The result is a cleaner, more efficient multi-feed design, with improved performance on both the scavenge and pressure sides. Scavenge sections are open-chambered on the outlet side to eliminate the need for an external manifold and allow the use of a single return line to the dry-sump tank.

The pumps seen below, a single stage and a four-stage (one pressure, three scavenge stages) are both set up for cam-drive system for the air-cooled VW but are also available with belt-drive and remote mount universal bracket for other applications. All pump body parts are CNC machined aluminum, hard anodized for wear resistance and surface protection. Internal working parts (shafts, gerotor units) are steel.

Above are a few of the different styles of pumps we offer. On the left is a single-stage cam-drive pump with no fuel pump drive. In the center is a 4-stage cam-drive pump. On the right is a single-stage belt-drive pump with the fuel pump drive option. All pumps are available in 1,2,3, or 4-stage layouts with either cam-drive or belt-drive setups.

Pauter manufactures their own compatible belt drives in a number of ratios. All parts are CNC machined hard anodized aluminum. Our pumps are designed to be easily customizable. The fittings shown in the picture on the right are a sampling of what you can order to suit your application. All bolt-on fittings are flanged and O-ring sealed and available in male #AN-10, 12 or 16 as well as a #10 female adapter. Also shown are caps for multi-stage pumps and a fuel pump drive cover. Pump rotation is at the owner’s option, but inlet/outlet plumbing switches relative to rotation.

Gear and rotor are 1.10″ (28mm) width by 2.625″ (66.7mm) diameter.

A closer look at the heart of our pumps; the specially modified rotor unit. The ports at the rotor chambers allow direct access to the inner workings of the pump. When coordinated with the proper body porting, this arrangement multiplies the oil paths both into and out of the pump. Significant gains in scavenge vacuum and in low rpm pressure development are produced. Our improvements aside, the basic gerotor design was chosen as our starting point as it offers advantages over the common spur gear design that could not be ignored. In particular, running clearances are self minimized by the interaction of the parts during normal operation, and wear is focused on the more resistant steel components. Contact us to discuss your requirements and available configurations.