The Pauter Super Pro engine is available in three progressively more demanding stages of trim (seen below). In the real world, these engines are king of the hill in the upper echelons of four cylinder drag racing. Loosely derived from the popular horizontally opposed four cylinder VW air cooled design, the Pauter engine successfully blends burly American V-8 ingenuity with no-nonsense four cylinder German thinking.
Note, the engines pictured are customer completed engines with modifications to our Super Pro long block engine kit.

The tremendously strong foundation provided by the one-piece block, the cross bolted main caps and V-8 sized journals of this innovative engine permits the use of all forms of induction and all fuel types. Amazingly, crank strokes of up to 96mm (3.78″) and bores of 108mm (4.25″) can be accommodated, giving a maximum displacement of just over 3.5 liters (215 cu. in.)  Dyno results on one of our own turbocharged methanol (no nitro, no nitrous) version at 35 lbs boost produced over 980 hp and 780 ft/lbs torque at 7400 rpm and 6800 rpm, respectively.  Pauter blocks are also available in a number of bore sizes and head stud patterns or our Uni-Block model which features a 94mm bore and small point locations for Type 1, ARPM 3.0L or AutoCraft 4″ stud patterns. This from a package very close in overall dimensions to the 92 cubic inch original.

Above left, a bare long block w/heads, manifolds and modular cylinder platform. Center photo; a variety of components that are necessary  to complete a Big Block assembly.; O-ring seals are used in lieu of gaskets on the pan and top cover. Above right, the optional modular cylinder platform we recommend for all turbo/supercharged applications. Note the copper head gasket and the number and size of the chrome-moly cylinder studs required to secure the head in turbo/ supercharged applications.  Individual, finned, ductile iron cylinders are also available in various sizes between 94-108mm for use in normally aspirated, low-boost or street applications.


Five views of the Super Pro head we manufacture to compliment our block. The roller rockers are sold separately from the heads and come in 1.4, 1.5, & 1.6 ratios. Spring pressures of over 800lbs (at full lift) are handled easily by these rockers.  Chevy valves, valve springs, retainers and keepers can be incorporated throughout – race proven, readily available and cost effective. Valve sizes of up to 57mm intake (370cfm@ .700″) and 47mm exhaust (325cfm@.700″) in stainless or titanium are stocked. The far right shot gives you an idea of the flow capabilities of these heads. Also note the 3-bolt arrangement for solidly mounting the intake manifold (O-ringed, of course).

Above, the Pauter roller cam setup for the Super Pro motor. The ability of this design to permit spring pressures of above 800lbs with reliability allows the use of huge (up to 57mm) valves and rpm’s of 9000+. The stark simplicity of our roller lifter guide system is a testament to our engineering program. On the right, above, is a view of the block from the flywheel end. Note the large diameter pushrod tubes (o-ring sealed) and the bolt-on trans adapter plate. We make a number of plate configurations to fit different clutch stacks and transmissions.

While the dry sump system has always been the purest form of oil control in these engines, we believe there may be times when the job can be handled by the basic wet sump.  If you feel a dry sump system doesn’t fit your program, here’s the next best thing.

New for 2009 is our high-volume 7.5qt “clamshell” oil pan for wet sump applications.   This innovative 2-piece design allows easy access to internals for both installation and maintenance.

Below you can see the internal sections including the integral windage tray and anti-slosh baffling with machined passages designed to minimize movement of oil away from the pickup area.

Some customers have wondered how we control our roller lifters without some over-engineered process common to other setups and have asked us to show them exactly how we manage to do it.

The following is a simple system we have used for over 20 years.

This first picture, a close up of the roller lifters in our Big Block illustrates just how our roller lifters are held in alignment (perpendicular) to the lobe of the camshaft. Arrow (a) above points out the drilled hole that intersects the lifter bore and holds the alignment roll pin. The installed pin projects about half of its diameter into the lifter bore. Arrow (b) points to the flat machined on the lifter body. This flat just clears the roll pin and allows the lifter to move in and out in the bore, but will not allow the roller to rotate from it’s perpendicular relationship with the cam lobe face.

In this second photo, the arrow (a) above points to the flat that has been machined in the lifter body perpendicular to the roller center line. The roll pin then controls the lifter and keeps it in correct alignment with the face of the cam lobe.

No added weight, no added moving parts. So simple and so effective.

Clutch Assemblies

Part # 30-416  Single-disc clutch assembly 
Part # 30-417  Dual-disc clutch assembly (Shown)
>Additional clutch options available, please call for more information.

4.5″ pulley/drag button w/ flying magnets and crank trigger bracket (available in multiple signal pickups also, pickups not included)

Part # 30-055 pulley w/ flying magnets
Part # 30-056  Pauter Big Block crank trigger bracket

Parts list for Pauter Super Pro long block kit

190-1000-F/CPauter Big Block for Chrysler or Ford main bearing saddles
includes: wet or dry sum pan, top & front covers, flywheel plate, distributor clamp & misc fasteners
163-3XX82mm to 94mm Pauter billet crank / flanged end
1 set90-1010Big Block cam gear set
1 setPBB-?4340 Chrome moly billet rods, V8 style
1 kit86-030Roller cam and lifters – grind to be determined
1 kit40-629Bore kit, includes pistons, cyls, rings, pins & gaskets
also available with modular platform bore kit
1 pair90-200TGen 2 Pauter Super Pro heads, titanium valves & retainers, springs, valve covers, ported & polished, bored & cc'd
also available with modular platform cylinder modification & O-ring installation
1 pair90-298-2Pauter Super Pro intake manifolds, Gen 2
1 set90-300Exhaust flanges for customer header system
1 set90-301Copper exhaust gaskets
1 set90-1012Chrome moly head stud kit w/nuts & washers
1 set81-2X01.4, 1.5 or 1.6 Super Pro billet roller rocker kit
1 set80-099Super Pro pushrod tubes
1 set80-0703/8 or 7/16" double-tapered HT chrome moly pushrods, to length
1 kit*BRNRod/main/cam bearings, all seals
140-412Copper head gaskets for bore kit (head to cyl interface)
130-XXXFlanged-end flywheel w/2-disc clutch assembly
194-4004-stage Center-Flo oil pump, VW drive