The Big Block based 3140cc performer sports 102mm Pauter ductile iron cylinders with JE Pistons and 96mm Pauter billet crank. The Pauter Super Pro Heads breathe through 54mm intake and 40mm exhaust valves squeezed by an 8.25:1 compression ratio. Vasco Jet dual springs (1.550″ diameter) keep the Super Pro 1.4 ratio roller rockers in check. A Pauter B250 (248 degrees @.050″ lift, .512″ lift at valve) street roller cam & lifter assembly and straight cut gears complete the valve train. Engine is topped with dual 48 IDA Weber carbs modified as throttle bodies for CB’s Easy-Tune EFI system which currently offers up to 26mpg. The monster motor has a 9 quart wet sump & Pauter single-stage gerotor oil pump.
Cooling by a 911 fan, custom aluminum shroud, and a fan driven remote oil cooler helps tame this powerful engine, capable of well over 1000hp. Typical oil temperatures range from 212 degrees into the cooler and 190 degrees from it. Cylinder head temperature normally runs between 275 and 290 degrees.
The power is coupled through a 228mm KEP to a beefy VW T1 freeway flier transmission (3.10/1.75/1.14/0.70) w/3.88 ring & pinion which calculates to a 2.72:1 final drive for low rpm highway cruising (70 mph at 2300rpm.) Exhaust is gathered by a forward-routed, custom-made 2″ 4-into-1 merged header and exits through a 20″ Magnaflow.