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Connecting Rods (steel, aluminum, titanium)

The Pauter rod designs are renowned for being material efficient and structurally sound. The uniform shape and cross section of our cross beam (steel and titanium rods) provides an otherwise unattainable strength, while the streamlined leading edge grants performance advantages not found in any other connecting rod. [read more]

Porsche Rocker Arms

Pauter’s Porsche rocker arms are quickly becoming a growing sensation among Porsche’s racing elite and driving enthusiasts alike. Comprised of quality through hardened steel and hemispherically-braced arms, this streamlined rocker design is both substantially stronger and significantly lighter weight than comparable products. [read more]

Porsche Crankshafts

The Pauter 4340 chrome-moly Porsche crankshaft is one of the most durable cranks available today. In addition, the main-to-pin oiling system provides each journal with two consistent sources of oil feed, ensuring consistent lubrication even during extreme RPM load. [read more]

Centerflo Oil Pumps

With an innovative multi-feed redesign of the popular gerotor style pumping mechanism, Pauter has improved upon the old-style feeder plates with their restrictive right-angle only entry/exit ports. The result is a cleaner, more efficient multi-feed oil pump design, with improved performance on both the scavenge and pressure sides. [read more]

VW Rocker Arms

Pauter VW roller tip rocker arms are among the strongest and most durable assemblies on the market today. Attributes such as aircraft quality materials, full coverage oil lubrication system, and precision machining have made this product the industry favorite for decades. [read more]

SuperPRO Race Engines

For the past two decades, the Pauter SuperPRO series engines have been king of the hill in the upper echelons of four cylinder drag racing. Loosely derived from the popular horizontally opposed four cylinder VW air cooled design, the Pauter engine successfully blends burly American V-8 ingenuity with no-nonsense four cylinder German thinking. [read more]