Porsche Rockers

NEW PAUTER PRODUCT: Completely reengineered 911 Porsche rocker arm.
At inception, we set out to make these rockers lighter, stronger, and able to handle more aggressive cam profiles. After nearly a year of engineering, development, and testing, we are proud to say we’ve done just that.
At 85 grams, our rocker comes in at 45 grams lighter than Porsche’s stock rocker, which amounts to about 1.2lbs of valve train weight in total. This is possible because the increase in material strength allows for a slim blade-like design (side by side comparison seen below). Due to our precision engineering and machining, per-rocker tolerance is generally around ±1.5 grams, whereas the stock rockers can differ by as much as 17 grams.
pauter porsche rocker precision
Pauter uses an extremely tight weight tolerance.
pauter porsche rocker stock weight distribution
The stock rockers, in comparison, differ greatly in weight.

These rockers are fully machined from billet tool steel, triple phase heat treated, and DLC coated for wear resistance and friction/drag reduction. The materials as well as treatment processes were selected for their proven performance and durability in a wide variety of severe duty applications.
Lengthening of the radiused follower “shoe” increases the usable wear surface, allowing for a cam profile aggressiveness never before seen in the 911 rocker arm arena.
During development stages prototypes were cycle tested both third party and in-house, using various cams at and far beyond normal racing RPM (over 10k) with excessive spring loads for many hours. Results of these tests allowed us to provide this product with the same confidence found in all Pauter offerings.
Because of the marked increase in strength, wear resistance, and weight savings, these rockers allow the engine expert to employ a range of spring pressures best suited to your engine program.

2 rockers, one upside down
swivel foot adjuster screws
single rocker diag overhead

(Swivel adjusters sold separately)


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