New Item: 4.0 AC-HSP Modular Cylinder Platform

Introducing the sister of Pauter’s 4.250 modular cylinder platform: the 4.0 Modular AC-HSP with a stud pattern based on the AutoCraft / Scat, 4.000” cylinder x 112mm bore centers, specifically engineered for high cylinder pressure applications.
The benefit of a modular platform is to stop the head from flexing over the normal spigot design under high cylinder pressures.
The stainless O-rings sandwich the gasket into the receiving groove on top of the sleeve, which provides optimum seal. When torqued, the sleeves are clamped in place by the flange upper and lower surfaces.
The heads will require modifications and installation of a stainless O-ring. The bottom base of the modular unit contains O-rings which eliminates the need for additional sealers. The one piece gasket is comprised of high grade copper.
Pauter 4AC Modular