The majority of Pauter products are made to the exact specifications of our clients. An automated purchasing system would be counterintuitive to this mentality, and as such, we have designed our online purchasing center around a follow-up consultation. When you submit your information, an email will be generated, sent, and deleted, at which point we will check stock and create your invoice. After this, you will receive either an email or phone call to collect personal, purchasing, and part information.

Https? is effectively not an e-commerce site, though it may maintain the appearance. The Shop is designed to make purchasing easy; however, it does not allow for transactional processing. With the information provided, we will begin the invoice, and promptly thereafter remove your information from our online database. The purpose of this is to closely mirror an email layout containing information fields necessary to begin the invoice process on our end, while maintaining an intuitive search-find-buy process on the customer’s end. In order to leverage caching and other such efficiencies, we’ve opted for an offline publisher-side AES256 encryption and no sensitive information online in lieu of https/ssl and potentially vulnerable online storage space. This means the website is faster for you while being safer for everyone.