Dome Valley recap

Dome Valley recap

Dome Valley Race Recap:
Q1 – No run attempted due to late track arrival.

Q2 – 2.87 / 109.76, 1.139 @ 60′, car was set up soft and adjusted to atmospheric and track conditions. New components met or exceeded our expectations. After reviewing the data, clutch slip was more than preferred and was found to have aborted the pass slightly early. Track was bouncy at top end, but an overall good start for the weekend.

Q3 – 2.83 / 113.5, 1.143 @ 60′, we experimented and installed different set of Crower clutch levers and proved to have been good choice.

Q4 – 2.80 / 111.81, 1.110 @ 60′, stepped up nitro percentage 5% aborted and lifted at about 90/95 yards due to very odd bouncing and hopping, shortly after settling from a mid track wheelie.

E1,E2 – bye runs

Final round – Facing the top qualifier in class and had us covered by 7 hundredths. No changes to the car this time around, just focusing and hoping for good reaction along with full pass. 2.81/110.54 on 1.13 @ 60′ with .449 reaction time for the win over an outstanding 2.68 by Robert Skidmore who unfortunately red-lighted. Also, unfortunately for us, the car quit at approximately 2.5 seconds (25/30 yards) from finish due to a broken camshaft! Ooops…

Because the Pauter/Tavares team was short couple of crew members this race, responsibilities and tasks were shifted slightly. We learned a couple of things, barbecued carne assada with some clients and friends from Michigan, and had a great time. We’d like to thank all our sponsors and supporters: Pauter, Tavares Enterprises, TurboSmart, TurbosDirect, Financial Strategies Inc. “FSI”, Crower, and CompTurbo.


Dome_Valley_Pauter_Tavares Photo courtesy of Max Cackle